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Clean Your House in 22 Minutes a Day

Using this simple daily system, you can clean your house in 22 minutes a day! It's quick, easy, and simple to implement and adjust to meet your needs!

To start out, you will want to download the 22-Minute Cleaning Printable at the bottom of the post. You will most likely refer to it for the first few weeks, but before you know it you’ll have your schedule figured out and tweaked to work perfectly for you.

Daily, the first thing I do after the kids leave for school is to quickly walk through the house and pick up/put away anything out of place. If you are short on time, focus on the kitchen & family room. It can be helpful to grab a basket of some sort to carry with you as you go through the house. You can toss misplaced items in the basket and them put away as you enter the room the misplaced item belongs in.

The rest of the big tasks I split up into daily items:

MONDAY – {Kitchen} Wipe down/polish all kitchen appliances and kitchen sink.

TUESDAY – {Bathroom} Clean toilets, sinks & mirrors in every bathroom.

WEDNESDAY – {Bathroom, part II} Clean all showers and shower doors in every bathroom.

THURSDAY – {Dust} Get your dusting supplies and dust in every room. Work your way through the house from top to bottom.

FRIDAY – {Vacuum} Vacuum every room of the house. Work your way through the house from top to bottom.

SATURDAY – {Floors} Clean any hardwood or linoleum floors with your preferred method (steam mop, hand wash, swiffer, etc).

The key to keeping this up is finding the perfect system for you. Everyone has a different size house, so this will affect your daily tasks. If you know that it only takes you 10 minutes to dust, but cleaning 3 showers takes much longer, add cleaning 1 shower to your dusting day! After a few weeks, you will get your times and tasks adjusted to work perfectly for you.

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