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What areas do you service?  

Rocklin, Roseville, Loomis, Lincoln and Granite Bay.

When do you clean? 

Our hours are Monday thru Friday 9:00 a.m. thru 6:00 p.m.  Although we do not normally work on Saturdays we can occasionally arrange to do so for one time cleanings at a slightly higher rate. Same day services can sometimes be arranged, unfortunately we do not have that capability for later in the week without prior arrangements, please call 48- 72 hours in advance to arrange for possible cleaning later in the week.


Do I have to be home when you clean?  

No, you do not have to be home.  In fact the majority of our clients provide us with keys to their homes.  However if you choose to be home while we clean we welcome you to do so.  We understand that you may prefer to get to know us prior to allowing us to work on our own.  We cannot however assume liability for injury to anyone in the home other than our own employees; therefore we ask that you stay out of our working area and off of wet floors.


How do you handle keys that are given to you to retain?

If you chose to provide us with keys to your home rest assured that we take the utmost care in protecting both your key and your home, Keys are numbered and never have names attached to them.  They are only issued the day of your cleaning and are checked back in to be deposited into our safe daily.


Why do you furnish all of the equipment and supplies? 

We provide the equipment and supplies for several reasons  1) So that all personnel are trained in the use of each chemical and piece of equipment (if you need special products or vacuum you need to provide them to us).  Knowing what we are working with allows us to provide quality results.   2) To free you the customer from having to keep track of what needs to be replaced, repaired or washed   3) Because often unscrupulous cleaning companies will have you provide the equipment and supplies so that they can claim that you are the employer therefore if any worker is harmed for any reason while working in your home that any and all claim will be made against your homeowner insurance.


How many people come to clean my home?

Depending on the home we can work individually, in teams of 2 or in teams of 3. 


Are you Licensed, insured and bonded ? 

Yes, we are fully Licensed, insured and bonded for your protection and peace of mind. We can provide proof of insurance at any time. Our certificates are also available directly from our insurance company upon request.


What if something is damaged while my home is being cleaned?  

Please keep in mind that accidents do sometimes happen.  We make every attempt to treat your home with the utmost care and caution.  If however we break something we will leave the item and a note for you.  We will make arrangements to replace the item or to pay for it (see Terms & Conditions).  Again; this is another reason why we are fully insured.  Please note - if you have items that are of extreme value, either sentimental or monetary.  We would prefer not to clean these items.  Too, we cannot be responsible for items that are previously broken to our cleaning or are not fastened in a proper way.

Do I have to do anything before you come to clean my home?  

It is advantageous to have the home picked up as much as possible allowing us to be able to get to all areas so that we can optimize your cleaning.  If we have to spend time picking items up and putting them in their place prior to cleaning you may be billed for the extra time needed to do so.


Do you guarantee your work? 

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you contact us with your concerns within 24 hours of our cleaning we will return at our expense to correct the problem.


How do I pay for my services? 

Payment is expected at the time of the cleaning.  We accept Checks and credit cards with a 5% fee, Apps with a 2% fee.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

I have pets, what do I do with them when the cleaner is present?

We are of a firm belief that family pets are just like children.  We enjoy working with them.  If however you’re pet is afraid of vacuums or are protective and will not allow us to do our work we may suggest that they be placed in areas that we are not working in.


What if I do not need my whole home cleaned?

We work with you to customize your cleanings to your needs.  We have customers who have their whole home cleaned on a bi weekly basis then have us come for just the bathrooms and kitchen on the opposite weeks.  Tell us your needs and we will find a way to work with you.

Why should I hire someone who is licensed, bonded and insure?

After all unlicensed persons charge less most of the time.  Persons who work “under the table” do so without thought of long term and lasting repercussions to both themselves and their customers.  They charge less because they are not paying into the system (taxes, medical, workman’s comp, insurance, social security, etc)   When something goes wrong these workers will often disappear without a trace.

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