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Terms & Conditions Agreement

Below and Above LLC DBA S House Cleaning operate the business as a cleaning service provider under the following terms and conditions. We function as an employment and placing agency as well. S House Cleaning are herein referred to as SHC.

SHC reserves the right to make amendments to these terms & conditions without giving prior notice. By requesting SHC to provide service by any means including telephone, email, fax, booking form and or direct conversation – the client accepts that these terms and conditions are binding.

           General Domestic and /or Office or other Commercial cleaning, Light cleaning, Deep cleaning, after Function or Event cleaning, Organization, Pre-and /or    Post Move cleans Renovation or Building cleaning.

1.-Payment is required on commencement of cleaning, subject to other arrangements and agreements as made with SHC management. SHC require a credit card to guarantee the payment for our services, this card will be on hold and restricted only for quotes or fee´s that the client incur and are contained in our terms & conditions agreement. SHC reserves the right to suspend its cleaning service if a bill is not paid on presentation or at the start of the month, week or day due as the case may be. All outstanding monies or fees will be charged 2% per month interest from due date plus costs on a lawyer to client basis.

All charges on credit cards have a 5% Fee and cash apps have a 2% no exemptions.

2.-Prices as per estimate and or quote are for labor or hour in terms of cleaning as requested and agreed to by SHC, unless otherwise agreed to by SHC. SHC reserves the right to amend an estimate agreement and /or quote if on arrival conditions and or circumstances are substandard or vary, Additional services will be charged as extra.

3.-Time estimates given by SHC for work as requested are only an estimate, as size of the area and the actual level of dirtiness as well as conditions encountered have a direct effect on the time needed and will undertake duties per standard, spring or deep cleans as per requested level of service that may or may not include extras such as serious pet´s hair, detail dusting, blinds in a serious condition, wall boards, extra mirror (up to 4 mirror´s).

4.-Blinds- (Time permitting 5 minutes), unless such was part of the specific level of service requested and agreed to by SHC management.

5.-Detail Dusting will be considered after 6 or more items on any surface.

6.- Do not clean the fronts of television and monitors because of special care requirements, we use dry rag on back of television and computer monitors.

7.- To make our job efficient we recommend and encourage to our clients have the areas to be clean free of clutter, We include 2 beds beddings (extra bed will be charge, duvets have a $15 extra) will push to the side or put on the bed if amount is within reason (Less than 15% = amount within reason) (an extra cost may occur) or we will vacuum around items, SHC IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR CLEANING UP AFTER PETS, LAUNDRY, AND DISHES.

8.-Working with or around contractors and /or other service providers can require up to 50% more time to complete the same work and SHC reserves the right to amend any cost estimates agreement and /or quotes and charge accordingly.

9.-Start and collection times given by SHC are only an estimate as traffic conditions of our staff are beyond our control, the amount of personal working on any given day can also take less or more time, high season takes a lot more time, as do month ends. SHC have different crew members and we assign the cleaners based on our schedule an area, do to our operation we can assign, reassign or change any cleaner to perform the service whit out any notice to the client. SHC crew members has a window frame to arrive of 30 minutes after that time please contact us to check if exist any circumstance.

10.-The client agrees the tasks to be perform in the SHC estimate agreement list and SHC recurring agreement services list. Unless otherwise requested and agreed AS AN ADD ON to by SHC, the client shall provide all cleaning equipment in safe and good working order and all detergents, ladder and cleaning equipment that will be required to perform the work. No responsibility is undertaken for using same. SHC charges for detergents and reserves the right to charge for the use of company equipment.

11.-Collection and returning of keys by SHC will attract a surcharge dependent on distance and or time in terms of such extra service. Should there be any loss of such key or keys, the liability will be limited to the actual cost of the key or keys only, subject to a maximum amount of $20 US in total.

12.-The clients have the responsibility to deactivate any alarms and no responsibility for the triggering of an alarm system or costs related to a response will be accepted by SHC. The client will be charge for the full cost of the agreed service.

13.-SHC reserves the right to suspend or cancel a cleaning service if there are problems with the access, water or electricity supplies, or problems working around other contractors and /or service providers, as well as interference from any party. The client will still be held liable for the full cost of the agreed service.

14.-Client will pay $25.00 per check for NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) fee plus the amount of service.


Claims and Complaints:

15.-The client is responsible for reporting any incident, breakage, damage, and loss within ON THE SAME DAY of completion of the service. Failure to do so will nullify any claim.

16.-The client or a representative already assigned, has the responsibility to be present at the start and end of each service and to inspect any cleaning performed. This will enable SHC to rectify any substandard work while still on the premises. Where a client is not there and SHC was aware of that and SHC is only advised later, we will rectify on the next clean or if possible, make other arrangements to do so. This falls away if we were not advised the client would be absent.

17.-Complaints need to be made ON THE SAME DAY of the completion of the service no exceptions.

18.-Should a client not be satisfied with the level of service from SHC, and such is conveyed to SHC within the prescribed SAME DAY period of completion of the service, SHC reserves the right to do a re-clean of the specific area at an agreed time. The client will need to be present during the re-clean. A re-clean will only be carried out once.

19.-The client is responsible for securing – cash, jewelry, and any other items of value. SHC pays staff well and has a zero-tolerance policy in terms of theft and dishonesty. No responsibility or liability is however accepted for any of the above. A client may keep same in a safe place. If a client suspects theft or actual theft has taken place, it is the client’s responsibility to report the incident to both, SHC management and the PD. The client will lay a charge of theft if actual theft has taken place and follow through the point of actual prosecution. SHC is indemnified against any claim.

20.-The client is responsible for securing or removing all fragile or easily breakable, or valuable items from areas that need to be cleaned. Items excluded from any liability by SHC are cash, jewelry, art works, antiques, and items of sentimental value. 

21.-We make every effort not to break items, but accidents do happen. Identical replacement is always attempted but not guaranteed. For this specific reason, we request all irreplaceable items not be cleaned by SHC reserves the right not to be responsible for accidental damage of any nature up to the value of $150 US (one hundred and fifty dollars).

22.-SHC reserves the right not to be liable if service is postponed due to broken equipment, or any circumstances beyond our direct control, or if there are issues in terms of safety.


23.-SHC has insurance to cover any accidental damages caused by a SHC at a point of service, subject to the damages been reported within ON THE SAME DAY of completion of the service in writing either per email or Text to SHC. This is restricted to actual damage and consequential damage is not covered and SHC be not held liable for such.

Insurance will not cover anything that may breakdown or stop working at any time and this would include but is not restricted to vacuum, computer, fridge, freezer, microwave, dish washer, stove, oven, washing machine and tumble dryer or the instability of any item which the client is already aware of, such as headboards, bathroom fixtures or other property fittings. And or chipped or cracked items or services. The client is obliged to notify SHC management of fittings that are poorly secured, not secured or appliances that are not in proper working order. No liability will be accepted by SHC for any of the above or for damage caused directly or indirectly to anything else or anyone else. Any appliance, electrical or other equipment moved for client instruction or any reason is done and exclusive at the risk of the client.

24.-SHC reserves the right not to share any confidential company information or documents to any member Crew of SHC. (Good Business Relationship) for that reason we need to receive all payments in close envelops.

25.-No clients will be entitled to a full or partial refund; this is subject to the discretion of SHC management


        Contract period, Renewal, and termination of contract

26.-This Contract is valid for 12 months from the date of sign and shall automatically renew under the terms specified herein for a period equal to the initial period increasing 5% on the cleaning fee or accordingly to inflation, on the expiration of the current term where we will need to re-estimate the quote in case there’s changes from the prior Contract  unless either party notifies the other in writing at least forty (40) days prior to the expiration of the current term that this Contract shall not be renewed.

27.- This contract IS MANADATORY AND can be canceled after six months since the date of your first recurring service setup on our schedule after sign,after that mandatory period THE CLIENT CAN´T CANCEL POSPONE OR MOVE ANY SERVICE AND THE PAYMENT OF THE SERVICE ITS MANDATORY EVEN IF SHC CAN´T PROVIDE THE SERVICE FOR ANY REASON THAT THE CLIENT INCUR. For that reason, we recommend that the client provide to SHC a key or any other kind of access to the property, either party may terminate this contract at any time by supplying a written notice of termination on a specified date to the other party, with at least forty (40) days in advance. Should Client terminate this contract prior to the mandatory expiration of the term, the client accepts liability for all fees., and SHC will collect the payment of all services and fees left for the 6 months mandatory period.

Failure by the client to provide the stipulated notice, the client accepts liability for all fees due over the notice period.

28.- In DECEMBER of each year, SHC will be adjusted the fees and charges for the cleaning services, increase 5% on the cleaning fee or accordingly to inflation the amount agreed upon at the signing of this contract, this change will take effect the following month. (JANUARY)


        Cancellation and postponement of services:

29.-The client is responsible to provide access to SHC as agreed and in the event of a (no show) or lock out by the client; the client must pay for FULL SERVICE OF THE CLEANING.

30.-Since we work with a set schedule a booked, or routine service may be postponed or cancelled up to two days prior to the day of the cleaning service, The request must be direct telephone call or text with SHC management ( SHC crew members under no circumstance can´t make any change to schedules) and needs to be confirmed by SHC to be valid, Should Client fail to give the two days’ notice, Client must pay THE FULL SERVICE OF THE CLEANING. 

Clients with a reoccurring service every four weeks are allowed to cancel 1 service before the mandatory 6 months period with two days prior notice and 2 nonconsecutive services in the remaining six-month period.

Clients with a reoccurring service every two weeks are allowed to cancel 2 nonconsecutive services before the mandatory 6 months period with two days prior notice and 4 nonconsecutive services in the remaining six-month period.


31.-After the 6 months period if the client postponed or cancelled in the two days prior to the day of the cleaning SHC will Charge $30 USD extra in the next cleaning because I will take more time to clean the house.

31.-During the holiday season´s the only cleaning service that fall in Thanksgiving Day, Christmas day and new year’s will be change to the closest day available.

32.-Any message and communication must be address to SHC managements, (“not to the cleaning staff”) the cleaners don’t have the authority to do any changes or adjustments if this fail to be address to management and you don’t have the confirmation of SHC it won’t be accepted or valid.

33.- Canceling more than three (3) consecutive cleanings, without prior approval of SHC, will be deemed a material breach and allow SHC to cancel the contract or to seek legal remedies. To cover the damage and collect all pending payments. A deposit of 50% is required on advance month-end bookings – any deposit received will be offset against fees due. Deposits held are not refundable. Unless a specific contract is in place all regular on-going services be it, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly require a full calendar month.


Employing SHC staff:

34.-No member (independent contractor) or ex (independent contractor) of SHC may be offered or given temporary or permanent employment by the client directly or indirectly (family, work) without prior negotiation with SHC. The period of protection is agreed to 12 (twelve) months. This applies to the date of termination of services of SHC by the client irrespective of any cause or reason. Should a member (independent contractor) or ex member (independent contractor) be employed within the said 12-month period the client will be liable for a referral fee of $1000 USD plus 3-month calculated per day that SHC provided service in a given week. This will be calculated based on the higher of – the highest number of days in any given week period and – the number of days per week our member (independent contractor) was performing to the client by SHC. The payment is in one exhibition.

35.-The client accepts that SHC is also a staff recruitment and placement business and SHC will also charge a placing fee of 15% based on the full annual cost to the client in terms of an employment contract negotiated with SHC in terms of negotiating employment of our staff. The payment is in one exhibition.

36.-Clause above applies in respect of any monies and or fees due to SHC or claimed by SHC in terms or clauses in Employing SHC member (independent contractor).



These terms and conditions shall be governed by the law of the State of California. 

The client agrees to be bound and submit to the jurisdiction of the relevant courts of State of California, United states of America.

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