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deep cleaning Service


We sometimes need this first, before scheduling you for regular general cleans. Or maybe you just want to get dirt under control so you can maintain it yourself. Tailored to your house and priorities, we will detail every surface, treating every mark and stain. If you're sensitive, consider this! A deep clean might require several days and a crew. This is not cheap, but the results feel positively liberating!

  • Countertops/stovetop cleaned. 

  • Wipe down outside cabinets.

  • Sinks scrubbed (including behind sink) and left shining.

  • Outside fridge and dishwasher.

  • Inside of oven and microwave.

  • Complete dusting of all areas, pictures frames, shelves, etc.

  • Floor vacuumed and mopped. 

  • Trash taken out.


Add Ons available.

 *If any surface is over 25% cluttered, we will charge for detail dusting*

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