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Special Services
  1. Washing inside of windows (we don't do outside windows), cleaning of window tracks and seats.

  2. Wipe or washing of baseboards.

  3. Cleaning of interiors of any appliance other than the microwave.

  4. Wipe or washing of light fixture coverings.

  5. Cleaning the interiors of cabinets, hutches, etc.

  6. Detail Dusting.

  7. Cleaning  kitchen or bathroom cabinets inside or outside.

  8. Clean extra mirrors.

  9. Vacuuming of upholstery or draperies.

  10. Cleaning of extra items of the home, porches, lawn furniture, garages, etc.

Post Construction Clean

For this service please contact us for further information.

Home Organization

-Full house organization.

-Any space Organizing.

Choose what you need let's know and we will

tackle the mess and create a system

for you to maintain organization.

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